Part 1: Drop from Interview Call If Nobody Join in 5 Min?

I got an email to reschedule my interview. I selected the slot based on my availability from the list of slots. Hoping this time my interview would be over.

I did not get calls this time compared to the last time. The only call I got was before 1 hr of my scheduled time asking about my availability. I said I will be joining the interview and asked the caller if they have confirmed the availability of Interview Panel.

To my surprise, the caller replied, they have not confirmed the availability of the panel. As a result, nobody joined the interview. I left the call within 5 minutes and dropped them an email.

I can understand, the panel would be very busy conducting interviews of many candidates like me. What do you think, how this process can be improved and become centralized?

This way, the panel, and the candidate can be notified about the time and if they are not available, they can mention their available time slots instead of a general time slot.

All web developers, this is the opportunity for you to build this centralized system.

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