I see many posts and news articles where people are cheated in the name of jobs, properties, money, products, services, etc.

Should fraud, scam, cheating education be added as a compulsory subject in the school or college syllabus? Do you think this can educate people at the root level irrespective of their education/stream/degree and avoid being cheated?

I suggest the government must make the subject compulsory in the School or College syllabus irrespective of Stream/Degree/Education. The subject will comprise of giving education on various scams, frauds, cheating, and cyber security. This education will help them avoid being cheated in the name of jobs, money, products, properties, etc.

This education should be at the root level available to all. Many companies do write disclaimers on their website to stay away from these scams. But, I don’t think that information is easily accessible and is limited to a single company.

Few of the frauds, scams, cheating happening nowadays -

  1. Registration fees in Job Application in the name of reputed companies
  2. UPI related scams
  3. Real estate property selling in the name of a genuine person/company
  4. Email with phishing links

There are many more. I highly recommend adding the subject to tackle this problem at the root level. We have to think of another approach for people who are already graduated or completed their education. But students who are still studying can be benefitted to avoid cheating/fraud in their lives.

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