I applied for a job in a reputed company. They screened my resume and shortlisted me for a technical interview.

2 days before interview: Got 4 calls from the company reminding me about my scheduled interview.

1 day before interview: Got 3 calls from the company again reminding me about the scheduled interview.

1 hour before the interview: Got a final call reminding me to join the interview call in 1 hour.

I joined the call 10 minutes before to make sure everything was fine with my connectivity. I waited for 5 minutes in the virtual lobby from the start of my scheduled time. Nobody joined. I left the call, and dropped them an email about the availability of the interview panel, and asked them to reschedule it.

If time is important for the panelist, isn’t it important for the candidate as well? If HR can confirm my availability for 8 times, can’t they confirm the availability of a panelist for 1 time at least?

All HRs, let me know your thoughts on this. You can visit the second part of this story from here.

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