Part 1: Drop from Interview Call If Nobody Join in 5 Min?

Part 2: Centralized System for Interview Management

I cleared the technical round of a reputed company. They asked me to sign a document and send it back. It was mentioned in the document that I can take a printout and physically sign and upload it back. Another way was digitally sign.

I signed the document digitally and uploaded it on the portal. I live in a place very far from the city. It takes 5 hours of to and fro journey. I found the digital sign useful.

Got a call from the company that it was a mistake in the document where it was written that I can digitally sign. I had to take a printout and physically sign by the next 2 hours else the opportunity will be given to another candidate.

I said it is not possible for me to travel immediately that too very far. I also said you can give the opportunity to another candidate. Then she replied, no, you can also send it by tomorrow EOD.

I replied, even that is not possible, I have work and cannot waste 5 hours for your printing mistake. She said, ok, I will see what I can to proceed further.

When someone threatens you of rejecting your candidature, reply back. You are not begging for a job, the company is giving you a job based on your skills. Try saying NO to things, it will definitely help you plan your day and future really well.

If it was a 2 km distance, I would have taken the printout in the minimum time possible. I could do more productive things in those 5 hours, so, said NO.

PS: If I was unemployed or needed a better opportunity, then of course I would have traveled even for 10 hours just to get a printout because I cannot miss even a single opportunity. So, understand your situation before saying NO.

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